Terms and Conditions

    • New clients: a £10 deposit is required at the time of booking.
    • Certificate of Inoculation: No cat can be accepted if not accompanied by a valid certificate of inoculation against Feline Influenza and Enteritis. 
    • Boosters are required annually to protect your cat and others.
    • Visitors: Prior to booking, visiting is welcome during opening hours. An appointment will ensure that a member of staff is available to show you around.
    • Visiting is not possible at the time of delivery unless by prior arrangement.
    • Veterinary Service: Any cat unwell during the boarding period wil be treated by the cattery's Veterinary Surgeon at Spinney Hill Veterinary Centre.
    • Vets Fees: All possible care is taken but we accept no responsibility for any veterinary fees incurred, and private insurance for cat health
    • is the responsibility of the owners.
    • Right of Refusal: We reserve the right to refuse boarding to any cat we feel is seriously unwell. We do not board adult male cats if they are un-neutered.
    • Payment:  Boarding fees are payable in full when you collect your cat. All days including arrival and departure days are charged to cover 
    • cleaning and turnover time.  Please pay by cash or cheque as we do not take credit or debit cards.
    • Delivery and Collection: All days booked at the time of booking must be paid for, and no refunds can be made for early collection.
    •  Extra days will be charged at the daily rate.  Please ensure that a safe pet carrier is used.
    • Parking: If possible please park in our driveway. If parking on Old Road please ensure that neighbours' driveways are not blocked.
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